Illinois Patriot Guard

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Flag Line Guidlines

Flags at missions are provided or arranged for by the mission Ride Captain(s). You may bring your own American flag but it is generally not necessary unless asked to do so via the statewide email mission announcement.

1. The Ride Captain(s) is/are in charge of the mission and will establish the flag line location, position and spacing.  Spacing between members should be sufficient enough to allow flags to fly freely and not interfere with member next to you.

1. Flags should be held straight up, never dipped or allowed to touch the ground

2. Smoking, eating, or drinking (with the exception of water for proper hydration when necessary) is prohibited
while you are standing in a flag line. 

3. Talking should be kept to a minimum and very low volume, and should stop altogether when members of the family
or community are in close proximity.

4. Phones are to be turned off or placed in silent mode. Cell phone use in the flagline is prohibited.

5. All members not in the flag line or taking a break should assemble away from the flag line.

6. No littering. (Including cigarette butts)

7. Please hold flag in your left hand.  This allows you to shake hands with the family or others who wish to thank you for being present.  This will also allows you to salute (if military veteran) or place your hand over your heart if you choose to do so.   (There has been nothing found in writing that states you cannot Salute while holding a Flag. If you feel this is wrong to do, secure your flag so that you may render a Salute. You have earned the this honor to Salute, so be proud.

8. The Ride Captain or a designated person will make the calls to attention. 

9.  Flag line commands and terms:        
    a. Attention - Stand at attention by standing straight and erect, feet together, and right arm at your side.
    b. Present Arms - Salute or render honors.  
    c. Order Arms - Slowly resume position to attention.
    d. Parade Rest or At Ease -  Stand relaxed but stay in place.
    e. Fall Out -  Flag line dismissed at conclusion.

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