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The Illinois Patriot Guard is a Not-For-Profit Corporation (501 (c) (3). All money collected will be accounted for by the Illinois Patriot Guard. All monies will be used in Illinois to support our missions, charities & Help On The Homefront


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Mission Statement:

"The Patriot Guard Riders is a 100% Volunteer, Federally registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization which ensures dignity and respect at memorial services honoring Fallen Military Heroes, First Responders, and Honorably Discharged Veterans."

Vision Statement:

The Patriot Guard Riders is a diverse amalgamation of riders from across the nation.  We have one thing in common besides motorcycles.  We have an unwavering respect for those who risk their very lives for America's freedom and security including Fallen Military Heroes, First Responders and Honorably discharged Veterans.  If you share this respect, please join us.

We don't care what you ride or if you ride, what your political views are, or whether you're a hawk or a dove.  It is not a requirement that you be a veteran.  It doesn't matter where you're from or what your income is; you don't even have to ride.  The only prerequisite is Respect.

Our main mission is to attend the funeral services of fallen American heroes as
invited guests of the family.  Each mission we undertake has two basic objectives:
1.   Show our sincere respect for our fallen heroes, their families and their communities.
2.   Shield the mourning family and their friends from interruptions created by any protestor or group of protestors.

We accomplish the latter through strictly legal and non-violent means.

To those of you who are currently serving and fighting for the freedom of others, at home and abroad, please know that we are backing you.  We honor and support you with every mission we carry out, and we are praying for a safe return home for all.


Who we are........   

Illinois is a not for profit 501 (C)(3), all volunteer organization that is associated with the National Patriot Guard Riders.  We come from diverse professional and personal backgrounds, but all of us share an unwavering respect for those who risk their very lives for America's freedom and security. 

Our main mission is attending the funeral services of fallen American heroes (military and first responders) as invited guests of the family.  We seek to honor the fallen, support their families, friends and communities and shield them from uninvited guests and/or protestors. 

We do not engage in political, protest or counter-protest activities in the execution of our mission.  Instead, we shield those who might be affected by uninvited guests and/or protestors by stratefically positioning ourselves while holding American flags.  We do not charge any money for our support because we are honored and privileged to be able to provide it.

Visit our Illinois
Fallen Heroes Traveling Memorial Wall  





Memorial Wall will be available from March through November.


All requests will be considered by
time availability and type of event.













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