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Welcome to the Illinois Patriot Guard Riders. 
Although you will not be receiving any sort of membership packet per se, this is to introduce you to our organization and provide you with some basic information that we hope you will find helpful.


If you have not already done so, please register with our National organization at and subscribe to our statewide email on the Homepage by entering your email address in the "Join Email List" box.

By subscribing you will receive email notifications and updates concerning all missions and events throughout the State of Illinois, and various announcements from time to time. The statewide mission emails will provide you with the what, when, and where that you will need to know if you plan to attend, and the updates will keep you posted accordingly. Since itineraries can sometimes change on short notice for various reasons, it is important to stay on top of those.

Our missions and various events are also posted on our calendar located here


On our Regional Captain's page of our website, you will find a State of Illinois map with regional boundaries and a list of regional Senior Ride Captains. Please find the region in which you live and the name and email address of that regional Senior Ride Captain. Although it is not required, you may want to email your Senior Ride Captain to introduce yourself and let them know that you have joined. You will not automatically hear from them otherwise.


Although you have joined the Illinois Patriot Guard Riders, it is strongly recommended that you also join the national Patriot Guard Riders organization here (www.patriotguard.orgThat will provide you with access to a wealth of information and to the national forums, where mission details are also posted and updated.
In addition to receiving our statewide emails, it is very important that you also check for mission updates there. That will provide you with two sources of information for any given mission, and is helpful in the event that for some reason one or the other source is delayed. Although every effort is made to communicate mission details in a timely and efficient manner via statewide email, it is the member’s responsibility to follow the mission threads on the national forums.


We also participate, when invited:
    A. Welcome home celebrations honoring military men and women who are returning from a theater of war.
    B.  Deployment ceremonies for groups of military men and women who are leaving for a theater of war.
    C. Honor missions for military veterans who have passed away.
    D. Memorial missions honoring the service of our fallen military and first responders.

Every mission that we are involved in is planned and executed under the direction of our Ride Captains, in accordance with the wishes of the family and in consultation with other participants (e.g. the military; the funeral home; and the local law enforcement agency) who may also be involved. We believe that a cooperative and coordinated effort by all participants is critical to the safe and successful execution of our mission. In every instance, we strive to leave a positive footprint in the communities in which we are invited to execute our mission.

                                Again, welcome to the Illinois Patriot Guard Riders and thank you for joining.
You are now one of the most vital moving parts of our organizational engine. Keeping in mind that mission specific details will be provided at mission briefings, if you have an immediate or general question not previously addressed please contact either your Senior Ride Captain or one of us (our contact information can be found on our website).

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